It goes without saying that keeping your insured clients away from lawsuits is the best way to increase your company’s earnings. Our video subscription service is a great way to do just that. For starters, our videos will help your doctors gain informed consent, while promoting active participation in the process to their patients. We also make covering List B risk factors a snap. Better protecting your clients from inadequate disclosure is another significant benefit, but most importantly, InformedConsentMD will help to stop lawsuits before they start. Sound like something you could use?

Gain Adequate Informed Consent

Informed consent – no procedure moves forward without it. While historically physicians continue to do what they’ve always done, past deficiencies tell you the consent process could definitely use some improvement. Welcome to the future! Our video subscription service turns that difficult process into a quick and simple one.

Cover List B Risk Factors

We all know the devil is in the details. Take List B risk factors for all common procedures for example. They take time to research, are often difficult to explain, and easy to gloss over or even forget. Don’t worry, InformedConsentMD has your insured clients covered.

Protection from Inadequate Disclosure

Insured clients that have a poor informed consent process or keep less than full and clear documentation put themselves in a precarious legal position. When physicians rely on InformedConsentMD videos to educate and aid in the sign-off process, documentation is automatic and legally sound.

Stop Lawsuits Before They Start

Studies support the fact that patients more engaged in the consent process, ones who believe their doctor has given them the attention and information necessary to make informed decisions, report greater satisfaction with their outcome. More satisfaction, less lawsuits. It’s as simple as that. And what’s the best way to get and keep patients more engaged? Look no further than InformedConsentMD.

Why InformedConsentMD?

When you subscribe to InformedConsentMD, here’s what you get:

Improving efficiency and saving time to focus on what you love... your practice and your patients. InformedConsentMD reduces the time needed for you and your staff to educate patients about complex procedures, improving your office productivity while delivering consistent, comprehensive information to your patients.
Patient Friendly Information. InformedConsentMD delivers easy to understand information that’s up to date, comprehensive and user friendly. Augmented by 3D animation detailing the surgical procedure, each video features a physician counseling a patient about her condition, discussing treatment alternatives, and reviewing the benefits and risk of the procedure. InformedConsentMD allows your patient, as well as her spouse and relatives, to view the video multiple times at their convenience on a cell phone, tablet, home computer or in your office.
Personalized For Your Practice. Your personal webpage will be customized with your practice name and logo. Upload your own videos and PDFs. Send them to the patients when they need the information. Your patients will view the videos or PDF files via a link displaying your practice name and logo helping to maintain their focus on you, their doctor.
Communicate With Ease. Have the videos, documents, and other resources that are important to provide to your patient at your fingertips. Whether in the office, the hospital, or on the go, rapidly send your patients a link to personalized information that aids in their education and health care.Your patient will feel that she’s received an extra level of service from you, which will further strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.
Quality information provided by you through InformedConsentMD - not "Dr. Google". Patients often seek web - based information to understand their condition.Random searches of unvetted websites or blogs may be confusing or misinform a patient about her condition and options.InformedConsentMD's web-based educational videos have provided doctors with reliable educational materials for their patients in a manner consistent with evidence-based medicine.
Peace of Mind. Malpractice litigation is both costly and time consuming. The emotional and mental drain of a lawsuit impacts you, your family and your practice. InformedConsentMD helps reduce your liability by providing verifiable documentation of the videos, documents, and other resources you send them.Your patient will also eSign her acknowledgement that she received and reviewed them.This documentation becomes a part of her personal medical record and can be reviewed in the event of any complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

InformedConsentMD is a low cost, internet-based subscription service.

Subscribing physicians, and their patients, have access HD videos, instructional documents, and other materials covering virtually every procedure needed for most OB/GYN practices.

InformedConsentMD is a patient communication and education solution that can significantly aid in the consent process. It was created by doctors, for doctors and their patients.
Subscribing physicians, and their patients, have access HD videos, personally created videos, instructional documents, and other materials covering virtually every procedure and topic needed for any OB/GYN practice.
Your personalized videos and PDF files can guide your target audience (patients, their family members, and anyone within your practice), providing them valuable information. This avoids the common repetitive conversations that slow an office practice. Your office will have documentation that the recipient received the information you sent.*
Our premier educational video features a physician counseling a patient about a procedure, discussing treatment options, and reviewing risk and benefits. Each consultation is also complemented by detailed 3D animation of the surgical procedure.
After the patient views a premier educational video, she has the option of completing a short online quiz to verify comprehension of the material. The results are immediately available to the physician for simple inclusion in the patient’s personal medical record.
Doctors can begin using the entire premier educational library starting at a low monthly subscription cost.
InformedConsentMD not only saves you time, but also offers liability protection. Your patients will enjoy a clear understanding of their condition and options. The information about the procedure is consistent, surgical benefits and risks are clearly spelled out and you obtain verifiable documentation.
*Personalized videos and pdfs - created by the subscribing doctor - can be uploaded to their InformedConsentMD webpage once their subscription has been created.

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